Light Your World Ministry

Brad's Testimony

The, "Go Light Your World" 2007 Romania mission trip was a complete success.  Many would look at details like the number of decisions or what the teams accomplished to deem rather the trip was a  success, but I feel that success is should be measured simply by the obedience of the team.  As a stated in Romania, God is not interested in our successes but in our obedience.  From the beginning each team member was obedient be simply obeying the command to go.  As the pastor of New Prospect, on behalf of the team let me say, that it is a pure privilege to be used by God.  To see our church members be flexible and available to go beyond their expectations and do what God had ordained to do is truly a joy.  I can say that the Lord once again probably worked on us more than through us. 

It was truly a joy to worship with a variety of people from at least three different countries at Bethel Baptist with Pastor Mihai.  It was a little glimpse of heaven.  My prayer is that many others will get involved in the Great Commission and begin serving the Lord "as you go".  I am so glad that a man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps (Prov. 16:9).  Jesus goes way beyond our plans and thoughts.  He knows what is best and therefore we must simply submit to His will and I feel that the team ultimately did just that.  When we obey God, He directs our steps and our stops for His honor and glory.  Only eternity will tell the impact that this trip made on each team member and everyone that we came into contact with. 



Bro. Brad

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